Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Youth Charter of Rights

All youth in Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph have a right to:

  • A voice in the issues that affect our lives;
  • Good health by having our social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs met;
  • A place to sleep, clothes to wear, food to eat and supportive friends and/or family;
  • Affordable activities and programs, and safe places to hang out;
  • Education, training and opportunities that prepare us for our future lives;
  • Quality time with our friends, family and/or other positive role models in our community;
  • Be and feel safe in our homes, schools and communities;
  • Be accepted for who we are and what we believe without being discriminated against;
  • Access to quality and affordable child care, early education programs and/or parenting supports.

All youth deserve basic rights and freedoms. A fair share of society’s resources must be devoted to ensuring this. While families are responsible for raising their children, all levels of government, in partnership with communities, have a duty to support families by putting the health and well-being of children first.

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