Parkinson Centennial PS receives grant for new taps

June 30, 2017

ORANGEVILLE, Ontario – Parkinson Centennial Public School installed two new environmentally-friendly taps at the school on June 29.

Through the Environmental Funding Opportunity, Upper Grand District School Board schools had the opportunity to design an energy project and apply for a grant to make it happen.

Projects from $100 up to $5,000 were considered. Staff and students were encouraged to use their imaginations and think of ways to help the planet by reducing the school’s carbon footprint.

With the help of Jordan, a student at the school, Parkinson Centennial PS submitted their proposal for automatic taps to be installed at the school. As indicated on the application, “Students have seen taps being left on regularly and would like to change this. With automatic taps, people cannot leave the water on.”

Parkinson Centennial PS was one of seven successful applicants for this grant. In previous years, this request was denied due to complications with automatic taps in a climate with hard water. In recent years, new technology has become available and therefore Parkinson Centennial PS was selected for a pilot project.

Two sets of automatic taps were installed in the school on July 29. One tap was installed in the intermediate boys’ washroom while the other was installed in the girls’ washroom. If the taps are successful and not complicated by hard water, more taps may follow.