Grade 7-8 class at Spencer Avenue ES wins environmental award

April 20, 2017

ORANGEVILLE, Ontario – Students in Mrs. Gray’s Grade 7/8 class at Spencer Avenue Elementary School have won a Youth Environmental Sustainability Award. This class was nominated for the award while working on their Water Docs Action Research Project.

Water Docs is an 8-month learning and action program open to Ontario students in grade 8. The program instills in students “a deep caring for the environment” and helps them develop skills in leadership, project management, team-building and filmmaking. The overall goal of the program is to teach youth about water and water systems and instill in them a passion for water stewardship.

The Orangeville Sustainability Action Team (OSAT) has developed the annual Environmental Sustainability Awards program based on natural contributions from community members.

Orangeville Town Council will present the award to Mrs. Gray’s class on April 24.

Congratulations to Mrs. Gray’s class for making such an impact on your community and the environment.