Erin Public School

 Erin PS  

Address:  185 Daniel Street, Erin, Ontario N0B 1T0 
Phone Number: 519-833-9685 
Fax Number: 519-833-0229 
Office Hours: 8:15am - 4:15pm
Instructional Hours: 8:45am - 3:15pm
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Principal: Marina Harrison 
Office Co-ordinator: Diane Klooster 
Superintendent: Denise Heaslip 
Trustee: Kathryn Cooper 
School Council: Lindsey Fleming and Shari Martin, co-chairs

Grades: JK-8, 7-8 FI
School Population: 354 
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Erin Public School is a large JK-8 school serving both a town and a rural community. The school is located in the Village of Erin, 1 block east of Main Street.

Approximately 30% of our students live in the village. Most of these students walk to school. The remainder are bussed. The majority of bussed students are in grades 7&8. Erin Public School is a "feeder" school for grade 7&8 students who have completed grade 6 at Ross R. McKay PS in Hillsburgh or Brisbane PS in Brisbane. Students coming from Brisbane's French Immersion program continue in French Immersion programs for grades 7&8. More than 50% of our school is composed of grade 7&8 students. Students graduating from Erin P.S. generally attend Erin High School, also in Erin. Some students prefer to attend College Heights High School, in Guelph.

Erin Public School is located at 185 Daniel Street. Until September, 2000, this had been the location of Erin High School. Now it has been renovated to accommodate elementary children. We are delighted to have 2 gymnasiums, a computer lab that is used by students at all grade levels, an Art room, a Music room and a Science and Technology Lab. A breakfast club meets every morning before classes in the cafeteria and serves close to 50 students. 

Erin Public School has a very close connection to it's community. It is actively involved in local events and is supported by many community organizations as well as a strong School Council.