Centennial Hylands Elementary School

 Centennial Hylands Elementary School photo 2  

Address:  35 School Road, Shelburne, Ontario, L9V 3S5 
Phone Number: 519-925-2142 
Fax Number: 519-925-0540  
Email: CentennialHylands.es@ugdsb.on.ca  
Office Hours: 8:30am - 4:15pm
Instructional Hours: 8:45am - 3:15pm
School Website: www.ugdsb.ca/centennialhylands
Student Transportation: www.stwdsts.ca

Principal: Tammy Fleming 
Vice-Principal: Lori Ann Shilvock 
Office Co-ordinator: Eleanor Slawson 
Superintendent: Denise Heaslip 
Trustee: Lynn Topping 
School Council: Lisa Cullen, chair

Grades: JK-8
School Population: 451 
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Centennial Hylands is a community school which serves both rural and town families. It is a JK to grade 8 school with a student enrolment of approximately 450 students.  Most students’ primary language is English.  At the present time, many of our rural students live North of Highway 89 and are bused, while our town students walk to school.

The staff are a group of dedicated, committed professionals who believe:

  • Children need to make connections with their learning.
  • Learning is a life long process.
  • Children learn by example.
  • We must all work beside each other sharing ideas and experiences.
  • It is important to remember that everyone has a contribution to make.

We are proud of our balanced academic programming including using Computer technology and active participation in the Arts. Students have numerous opportunities to be involved in sports, arts and club activities. Our Parent Council meets the first Monday of each month to discuss the happenings within the school and to focus on new fundraising ideas.  

Learning to learn together