Achieving by Believing – 2017

The achievements of several students and staff in the Upper Grand District School board were celebrated on June 6, 2017, at Centre Wellington District High School.

Each year, the UGDSB holds a celebratory event to recognize the recipients of the Student Success: Achieving by Believing Awards.

The UGDSB believes that recognition of success fosters students’ self-confidence and resilience, and so the board takes action to encourage the celebration of student success.

Students from schools across the district were recognized for their resiliency and perseverance in overcoming adversity.

This year, 14 elementary students and 19 secondary graduating students received an award. The graduates will receive a scholarship for post-secondary training or education. Xx staff members were also honoured for their work supporting students.

The students, staff, many principals and family members were on hand to see the awards presented and hear the tributes to the recipients.

The recipients of the 2017 Achieving by Believing Awards are:

  • Asmaa A., Willow Road PS
  • Kaitlin D., Rockwood Centennial PS
  • Matthew F., Ken Danby PS
  • Hayden H., Rockwood Centennial PS
  • Brianna L., Waverley Drive PS
  • Faith M., Parkinson Centennial PS
  • Nathan M., Westwood PS
  • Jaida P., John McCrae PS
  • Riley P., Centennial Hylands ES
  • Sydney S., Sir Isaac Brock PS
  • Adam S., Sir Isaac Brock PS
  • Carson T., Arthur PS
  • Kayla W., Westwood PS
  • Samantha Y., Rickson Ridge PS
  • Conor A., Centre Dufferin DHS
  • Kaitlyn B., Erin DHS
  • Taylor C., Orangeville DSS
  • Gemma D., John F. Ross CVI
  • Gabrielle D., Centre Wellington DHS
  • Leah F., Guelph CVI
  • Jordan G., College Heights SS
  • McKenna H., Centennial CVI
  • Holly J., Wellington Heights SS
  • Evan M., Westside SS
  • Sadie M., Guelph CVI
  • Jennifer P., Give Yourself Credit
  • Alex R., Norwell DSS
  • Hanna S., Orangeville DSS
  • Renee S., Wellington Heights SS
  • Caitlin S., SAL & Co-op Recall
  • Alyssa T., College Heights SS
  • Robyn W., Centre Wellington DHS
  • Kayla W., Erin DHS

Staff award recipients are:

  • Tim Dickieson, Taylor Evans PS
  • Diane Goodwin, Centennial CVI
  • Dave Griffiths, Wellington Heights SS
  • Deb Kortleve, SAL & Co-op Recall
  • Mary Marchildon, Westside SS
  • Jenny Ritter, Centre Wellington DHS
  • Matt Rush, Centre Dufferin DHS
  • Carla Warnholtlz, Westwood PS