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Energy Conservation Campaign

The Green Energy Act is clear that everyone must reduce greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate the effects of climate change. Schools must do their part by creating a new culture where behaviours reflect positive environmental stewardship. A school-wide, targeted Energy Conservation Campaign is necessary to raise awareness and encourage a new way of doing things.

Canadians are far too wasteful – we really don’t need to use so much! Each of us can make a big difference by thinking about our habits and making changes, starting today.

What should we do to conserve Energy?

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  • Walk, bike or roll to school – use the car less often.
  • Turn off lights when the room is empty or when natural light is sufficient.
  • Put computers, monitors, printers, photocopiers and other electronics on standby or sleep mode when not in use and turn them off at the end of the school day.
  • Use blinds/curtains to either keep heat out in summer or let heat in (sunlight) in winter.
  • Close windows during heating and cooling seasons to avoid heating/cooling the outdoors.
  • Keep areas in front of vents on walls, ceilings, or windowsills free of obstruction.
  • Wear a sweater if cold; dress in layers to maintain personal comfort during any season.
  • Use a power bar for multiple electronics and then turn off the power bar at the end of the day to avoid phantom energy loss.
  • At home, buy energy efficient appliances, take shorter showers, use compact fluorescent light bulbs, have a full load when using washing machines or dishwashers, and use an outdoor clothesline.
  • Celebrate Earth Hour every day!

Schools are encouraged to use the helpful resources available on UGShare to launch an Energy Conservation Campaign and inspire staff and students and the entire school community to make a difference. View the Energy Conservation Campaign Poster and PowerPoint Presentation.

Energy Conservation Events and Online resources:

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