UGDSB EcoSchools

Ontario EcoSchools is an environmental education and certification program for grades K-12 that helps school communities develop both ecological literacy and environmental practices to become environmentally responsible citizens and reduce the environmental footprint of schools. The 6 key areas of focus and achievement are: Teamwork & Leadership, Energy Conservation, Waste Minimization, School Ground Greening, Curriculum, and Environmental Stewardship.

Certification recognizes a school for its annual achievement in the 6 key areas. Schools set goals to increase the types of environmental activities in each category and can certify with bronze, silver, gold or even platinum EcoSchool status depending on how successfully the school has met the requirements of the program based on a points system.

The following is excerpted from a media release:

UGDSB achieves a record number of schools winning EcoSchools certification in 2016!

Fifty-three Upper Grand elementary and secondary schools have been certified as EcoSchools for 2016. This is a record number of winning schools for the board and includes 18 schools that participated for the first time. In addition, there was 100% participation by high schools this year.

“We are excited by the high level of success demonstrated by our schools this year. EcoSchool certification requires a whole-school effort by staff, students and the community in order to actively promote environmental sustainability and stewardship,” said Karen Acton, Environmental Sustainability Lead for the board.

One school deserves a special mention for achieving the prized platinum level for the second year in a row. Victoria Terrace Public School achieved a high level of points in all sections, as well as a minimum of 80% in a special platinum section.

UGDSB 2016 ecoschools chart

The schools that successfully certified as EcoSchools in 2016 are:

  • Aberfoyle PS
  • Alma PS
  • Arthur PS
  • Brant Avenue PS
  • Centennial CVI
  • Central PS
  • Centre Dufferin DHS
  • Centre Wellington DHS
  • College Heights SS
  • Credit Meadows ES
  • East Garafraxa PS
  • Ecole Fred A. Hamilton PS
  • Elora PS
  • Eramosa PS
  • Erin DHS
  • Erin PS
  • Glenbrook ES
  • Grand Valley & District PS
  • Guelph CVI
  • Island Lake PS
  • J.D. Hogarth PS
  • James McQueen PS
  • John Black PS
  • John F Ross CVI
  • John Galt PS
  • John McCrae PS
  • June Avenue PS
  • Ken Danby PS
  • Kortright Hills PS
  • Minto-Clifford PS
  • Mitchell Woods PS
  • Mono-Amaranth PS
  • Norwell District SS
  • Orangeville District SS
  • Ottawa Crescent PS
  • Paisley Road PS
  • Ponsonby PS
  • Primrose ES
  • Princess Elizabeth PS
  • Priory Park PS
  • Rickson Ridge PS
  • Rockwood Centennial PS
  • Salem PS
  • Sir Isaac Brock PS
  • Spencer Avenue ES
  • Taylor Evans PS
  • Victoria Terrace PS
  • Victory PS
  • Wellington Heights SS
  • Westminster Woods PS
  • Westside SS
  • Westwood PS
  • Willow Road PS