French Immersion

The Program

Young children using cards to connect images with words in French
  • French Immersion is a program designed to offer students opportunities to acquire a high level of proficiency in French while maintaining and developing English language skills.
  • French is the only language of instruction from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 2.
  • Immersion students begin English instruction in Grade 3 and study in both languages until high school graduation.
  • The French Immersion and English programs follow the same expectations in the Ontario Curriculum (
  • The difference between the two programs is the language of instruction.
  • A certificate of French Immersion studies is awarded upon successful completion of the program.

Learning French promotes:  

  • a deeper understanding of various languages and cultures;
  • enhanced creativity and problem solving ability;
  • a facility for learning other languages;
  • career opportunities in areas such as business, diplomacy, research, teaching, travel, translation, government, the Canadian Armed Forces;
  • enriched travel experiences in Canada and abroad.

 If students hear it, they can say it. If students can say it, they can read it. And if students can read it, they can write it.

 ~ The Ontario Curriculum: French As A Second Language (2013)



Effective September 1, 2017, JK will be the only entry point for new French Immersion students into the FI program in the Upper Grand District School Board. Additionally, each UGDSB school that offers FI at the JK level will have a cap on the number of students admitted to FI. For more information, please visit 

Admission to the program in subsequent grades is available only to students from other jurisdictions with an Early Immersion program or to those students who have comparable proficiency in the French language.


French Immersion Kindergarten registration coincides with the regular English Kindergarten registration.

PLEASE NOTE: The Junior Kindergarten French Immersion registration and selection process for the upcoming 2017-18 school year has changed. For more information, please visit


DELF scholaire is a diploma issued by the French Ministry of National Education in recognition of French-language studies. These diplomas are recognized around the world. ... see more  

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