Student Success

Each child has his or her own unique interests, goals and strengths.

Every student should have the same opportunity to succeed and graduate from high school.

Upper Grand District School Board is working with you to improve the learning experience for all students. We share a common goal — to help all students build a promising future for themselves.

Upper Grand District School Board has responded by focusing on:

  • More high-quality course options inside and outside of the classroom
  • More one-on-one support when students need extra help

This is called Programming for All, our Board Student Success strategy.

This strategy is giving educators, parents, employers, college and university partners, students and others the necessary tools to create an engaging school experience for all teenagers.

The goal of our Board’s Student Success strategy is to increase our graduation rate.

The key priorities and outcomes are to increase credit accumulation, engaging programming, and numeracy and literacy support, so that all Upper Grand students are successful within K to 12 schools, and beyond secondary school.

UGDSB Students will:

  • See themselves as their own teachers through student-centred learning.
  • Receive individual support for academic, social, emotional and career issues.
  • Have opportunities to explore programs that engage and challenge their learning.
  • Be identified and supported during transitions through tracking.
  • Explore careers and the world of work beyond school.
  • Be provided with opportunities to receive up-to-date employability skills.
  • Have teachers who see learning through the eyes of students.