Student Support and Program Services Department

Student Support and Program Services logoUGDSB staff working for Student Support and Program Services are located at the Orangeville Board Office (40 Amelia Street) and at the Guelph Board Office (500 Victoria Road North).

Some of the highly trained professionals working towards student success, health and well-being include curriculum leaders, ESL teachers, instructional coaches, library support staff, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, psychological services consultants, social workers, and child and youth counsellors.

Our shared beliefs

  • All students can succeed
  • Each student has his or her own unique patterns of learning
  • Successful instructional practices are founded on evidence-based research, tempered by experience
  • Universal design and differentiated instruction are effective and interconnected means of meeting the learning or productivity needs of any group of students
  • Classroom teachers are the key educators for a student’s literacy and numeracy development
  • Classroom teachers need the support of the larger community to create a learning environment that supports all students
  • Fairness is not sameness

(Adapted from Education for All, K–6, pp. 4–5)  

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