Learning in the UGCloud

Through the installation of wireless technology (Wi-Fi), teachers have begun to incorporate more digital resources into their lessons. These resources have changed the learning landscape. Students and teachers are able to access web-based content, resources, experts, research and collaboration tools.

Here are some of the ways staff & students may use the UGCloud to enhance learning:

Google Apps for Education

App How used by students
Google docs icon
  • vocabulary development
  • note taking
  • document creation/editing
Google Presentations icon
  • inquiry & research
  • embedding maps
  • sharing created videos
  • presentation creation/editing
Google Spreadsheets icon  
  • calculation & graphing activities
  • data analysis
  • office productivity
Google Forms icon  
  • polls
  • surveys
  • data collection
  • assessments
Google Drawings icon  
  • mind mapping
  • diagrams
  • logo design
  • poster creation
Google Sites icon  
  • portfolios
  • inquiry & research
  • class learning environments
  • teacher newsletters
  • wikis, blogs, podcasts
  • sharing images, videos, forms, documents, maps, presentations, etc.
Google Calendar icon  
  • parent info
  • planner
  • time management

Classes may also participate in a variety of other activities, including:

  • photography and video creation
  •  curriculum-based games/apps
  •  online manipulatives/simulations
  •  video conferencing
  •  UG2GO
  •  D2L