Privacy and BYOD

UGDSB’s role in protecting privacy

  • The Board has a duty under provincial law to protect personal information (Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act). The Act requires that parents/guardians of students under the age of 16 (and students 16 years of age and older) be informed how their personal information is used, disclosed, and maintained.
  •  Teach the importance of privacy
  •  Model age-appropriate strategies to protect privacy

Tips for families in protecting privacy

  • Decide as a family your values for keeping personal information private
  •  Discuss as a family the appropriate sharing of personal information
  •  Teach your child to keep their usernames and passwords private
  •  When creating passwords do not use common words or something easily guessed like a phone number or street address
  •  Protect student privacy by password protecting their personal devices
  •  Use device software to locate missing devices
  •  Record serial numbers of devices and keep in a safe place
  •  Identify devices through labelling and/or engraving
  •  Model and share digital citizenship expectations