Safe, Equitable and Inclusive Schools

All of our students have the right to a welcoming, caring and safe learning environment. The schools in the Upper Grand District School board are committed to ensuring that our policies and procedures promote a positive school climate for all of our students. To do this takes more than just a commitment by staff within a building. A whole school community approach involving all educational and community partners is essential for us to build school communities where each of our students has an equal opportunity to reach their full academic potential.

We also are very conscious of the important role that parents and families play in the social and behavioural development of our students. Working alongside parents to share best practices, to identify the specific needs of our students and to receive feedback on the work we are doing is a critical component to our success.

We are very thankful to have such a broad scope of school and community supports in place to assist us in our endeavours. Staff, students and community partners are instrumental contributors to the work we do to create safe and positive learning environments. This webpage details the work of our school communities and provides links to the many components and initiatives that come together to promote safe, inclusive and accepting school including:

We encourage you to explore the website to learn more about our policies and procedures related to Safe and Inclusive schools and invite you to provide us with your thoughts and feedback to help us meet the needs of our diverse communities. A link to a Safe, Equitable and Inclusive Schools survey is provided below and your input is greatly appreciated.

In partnership with our students, parents and school community partners we know that we can continue to establish positive practices that will help foster safe, equitable and inclusive schools.



Character Development

What is Character Development?

There are universal attributes that schools and communities value. Character development is the deliberate effort to nurture these attributes and use them as a standard against which we hold ourselves accountable. They are key aspects of school life. They bind us together and form the basis of responsible citizenship. They are a foundation for excellence and equity in education and for school communities that are respectful, safe, caring and inclusive. (A guide to Character Development in Ontario Schools, K–12)

Character Development - Students, Parents, Staff - Respect, Honesty, Compassion, Fairness, Responsibility
involves empathy, consideration, appreciation, and the understanding of the feelings, thoughts and actions of others
involves actions, feelings and thoughts that are just, equitable and unbiased
involves actions, thoughts, and feelings that demonstrate dignity, courtesy, and high regard for self, others, the environment and our world
involves actions, thoughts, and feelings that are sincere, trustworthy, and truthful
being accountable for your actions, thoughts, and feelings and following through on your personal and community commitments

Character Development in the Upper Grand District School Board

Board and community consultations supported the development of five character attributes for the Upper Grand school community:

Each school in the Upper Grand District School Board is responsible for embedding these five attributes into the fabric of their school community and intentionally supporting the development of the attributes in their staff and students. As each community is unique, each school has approached the integration of the five attributes into their school culture in their own way.

Aboriginal Education

Aboriginal Education Page

Religious Accommodations

The Upper Grand District School Board acknowledges each individual’s right to follow or not follow religious beliefs and practices free from discriminatory or harassing behaviour.

The Board is committed to taking all reasonable steps to provide religious accommodation to students and staff.



The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 is the first of its kind in Canada.

People with disabilities should have the same kind of opportunities as everyone else. They should be able to do the things that most of us take for granted like going to work or school.

That's the goal of Ontario's legislation. Businesses and organizations - like the Upper Grand District School Board - who provide goods and services to people in Ontario will have to meet certain accessibility standards in five important areas of our lives:

  • Customer Service
  • Built Environment
  • Employment
  • Information and Communication
  • Transportation

The Upper Grand District School Board is committed to ensuring that its services meet optimum standards of accessibility for people with disabilities.

Additional information is available on the Accessibility at the Upper Grand webpage.