Students at Victory PS embrace the spirit of giving

June 28, 2017

GUELPH, Ontario – Students at Victory Public School have decided to embrace the spirit of giving by donating to charitable organizations.

Students in Mlle Vaughan and Mme Labelle's classes at Victory PS have been working on a Canada Inquiry Project. Throughout this project, they have learned about famous Canadians, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canadian symbols, provinces, territories and cities, and the responsibilities we have as Canadians.

Students were very eager to make a difference in their community and country and each student made a pledge to do three things for Canada in honour of Canada's 150th year since Confederation.

Students from the classes visited St. Joseph’s Health Care to sing “O Canada” at Canadian themed barbecues. They also visited the Muslim Society of Guelph’s Meezan School and learned about the community.

Students also made individual promises for example, to hold the door for people, give food to those in need, pick up litter, recycle, walk or bike instead of driving, plant trees, help animals when they are hurt, help neighbours with chores, and more. Students didn't stop there. Both classes earned $25 by participating in the One World Living Together education partnership with the Guelph District Multicultural Festival. Through this program, a community member gives $25 to each class that participates.

Each teacher discussed the many options with their classes on how they would like to spend the money. Both classes, unprompted by their teachers, wanted to donate the money to help others. Students really wanted to pay it forward and make a meaningful difference in their community.

Mme Labelle's class opted to purchase items requested by the nurses on the pediatric floor at Guelph General Hospital. Students in Mlle Vaughan's class opted to donate the funds to the Guelph Humane Society because they "think animals are really important because they bring joy and love to people."

Students from Mme Labelle’s class wanted to share their experience with the following story.


We are Morgan, Beatrix, Sunny and Charlotte and are writing this on behalf of the grade 2/3 FI class at Victory PS. Our class earned $25 by making a book as part of the One World Living Together education partnership with the Guelph District Multicultural Festival. The book had all of our ideas about how people in the world can live in harmony. A generous community member gives $25 to each class that participates. You are probably thinking, “Why would Morgan, Beatrix, Sunny and Charlotte write about this?” Well, here comes the good part! Our teacher said we could spend the money on treats for the last week of school. When she said we should make a list of things we want to use the money for, we made a list of all kinds of places like charities in the community that could use the money too. We gave many ideas and then we voted. In the end, we decided that the Pediatric floor at Guelph General Hospital was the place where we wanted to pay it forward! That way, lots of kids in Guelph can use the stuff we buy when they are in the hospital. (Our teacher, Mme Labelle, is VERY proud of us for choosing to pay the money forward to help people in our community.)

Victory PS students