Earth-friendly activities in full swing as UGDSB prepares for Earth Day

April 20, 2017

GUELPH, Ontario – Upper Grand District School Board schools have been celebrating Earth Week since April 18 with lots of fun awareness activities.

Schools are being encouraged to participate in as many activities as they can during the week to prepare students for Earth Day on April 22.

On Tuesday, schools participated in Trashless Tuesday, where students and staff were encouraged to bring trashless lunches. On Wednesday, students and staff were encouraged to walk or bike to school or work. On Thursday, students are engaging in EarthPLAY. EarthPLAY is a campaign that asks people across Canada to tweet pictures of them enjoying outdoor play using the hashtag #EarthPLAY.

On Friday UGDSB schools and offices are celebrating Earth Day by wearing green.

Some fun ideas and activities to help motivate students this Earth Day include:

  • Reading a book in nature
  • Planning an environmental inquiry
  • No longer using single use water bottles
  • Encouraging litterless lunches
  • Cleaning up the school yard
  • Starting a garden at school or home
  • Playing outside
  • Turning the lights off for an hour a day

For more information about Earth Day, visit: