Summer School - eLearning

eLearning in the summer provides students with the opportunity to earn credits in a variety of subject areas while maintaining some flexibility in their summer schedule. Students should expect to work a minimum of 5-6 hours every day to complete their studies. Tentatively this summer we will offer the following courses through eLearning:

  • CGC1D - Grade 9 Academic Geography
  • CHC2D, CHC2P - Grade 10 History Academic or Applied level
  • CHV2O - Civics, GLC2O - Careers
  • ENG3U - Grade 11 University level English
  • ENG4C - Grade 12, College level English
  • ENG4U - Grade 12 University level English
  • HSB4U - Grade 12 University level Challenge and Change in Society
  • MCR3U - Grade 11 University level Math (Functions)
  • MHF4U - Grade 12 University level Math (Advanced Functions)
  • PPZ3C - Grade 11 Health for Life
  • PSK4U - Grade 12 Introductory Kinesiology 

A few important points:

  • Through our partnership with the Ontario eLearning Consortium, Upper Grand students will also have access to many other courses offered through other OeLC Boards (see for more information).
  • Registration for any of these eLearning courses is done through your home school Guidance department - they will be able to register you through the OeLC site.
  • If you are accepted into another Board's eLearning course - make sure to check their begin and end dates and any proctoring requirements - they may be different from the Upper Grand's and you need to abide by them
  • Students must make sure they have access to reliable Internet for the duration of the course
  • Students must not enroll in more than one summer school program or offering
  • You should be able to access our courses and those from other Boards through our site ( using the credentials you use to login at school

For more information, see your Guidance Counselor or contact the VP of eLearning at 519-836-7280 ext. 610