Distribution of Materials

Need to get out a message?

Distribution of materials is a courtesy provided by the board for non-profit organizations or community partners to distribute appropriate materials in its schools. A completed application and sample of the material must be submitted to the board four weeks in advance.

Please refer to Policy 209 (PDF) for more information.

Before making your application please note the following conditions and requirements:

  • Approval of your application is at the discretion of the Superintendent, whose decision is FINAL.
  • A sample of your material is required for approval.
  • If using our online application process, the sample must be in one of these electronic formats: PDF, DOC, WPD, RTF, GIF, JPG.
  • You may also make your application by postal mail. Print and complete the Distribution of Materials to Schools - Print Form (PDF).
  • If using the online application process you will need access to email to complete your submission.

Proceed to online application form.