For Immediate Release
September 17, 2014

Primary and Junior EQAO results released

GUELPH, Ontario – Upper Grand grade 6 students made gains in Reading and Writing but results in other areas did not improve over last year, based on the Education Quality and Accountability Office’s (EQAO) assessments of how well they know the curriculum. Test scores in Mathematics dropped at both grade levels compared to the previous year, and in grade 3 results slipped in Reading and Writing skills.

Reading and Writing in the junior panel (grade 6) are up by three and five percentage points (79% for Reading and 75% for Writing). Grade 6 students were on par with the provincial average in reading, but 3% below the average for Writing. Mathematics performance is at a five year low for junior students, down 2% over last year at 50%, and below the provincial average of 54%.

In grade 3 the province has surpassed UGDSB students in all areas – a 70% provincial average in Reading as compared to 66% in Upper Grand, with Writing at 78% provincially and 72% in Upper Grand. Mathematics at 60% does not meet the provincial average of 67%.

“I’m disappointed this year, even though the provincial trend is down in math,” said Board Chair Mark Bailey.

“We’ll have to do more analysis and put specific steps in the board and school improvement plans to increase these skills. We need to find out why we are lagging behind the province. I know we can do better, not just in math, but in reading and writing too.”

Board staff will move forward and take ownership for the results to improve student achievement in math and literacy. Some of the strategies include:

  • upholding the belief that all students can achieve
  • requiring School Improvement Plans to have a greater Mathematics focus
  • supporting teachers to deliver a balanced numeracy program that includes basic skills, problem solving, and targeted instruction

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