UGDSB Everyday Hero Awards 2017


Award of Excellence - 2017-2018 School Year

Information regarding the 2017-18 Everyday Hero Awards will be posted in Winter 2017-18.


The purpose of the Everyday Hero Award is to publicly recognize significant and outstanding achievements of employees and representatives of system partners of the Upper Grand District School Board. Everyday Heroes are people who go above and beyond what’s expected to make Upper Grand schools great places to learn and work.


Candidates for the award may be any employee, volunteer, representatives of system partners (i.e. bus drivers, crossing guards, community members, etc.). Groups will also be considered. Candidates who contribute by actions and efforts to the development of a positive learning or working environment may be nominated.


  • Performance of duties at a high level at all times 
  • A significant school and/or system-related achievement 
  • A specific innovation or achievement of significant value or importance to the system, or 
  • A unique circumstance considered worthy of recognition by the board

Nomination Procedure

We are using less paper. Live GREEN, Learn GREEN, Go GREEN!  

Nominations will be submitted electronically on the fillable Everyday Hero Award nomination form by:

  • Staff members
  • Students
  • Parents, and
  • Other system partners

Nominations must include:

  • The name of the candidate(s) and work location
  • Names of at least two nominators and their positions
  • Contact for a site administrator or designate
  • A short rationale for the nomination, on the nomination form
  • Supportive documentation, testimonials, etc. (Up to a maximum of 3 pages of supportive documentation/testimonials)

Note to nominators: Everyday Heroes are people who affect the lives and learning of many people in the system and this should be effectively demonstrated. 

The Selection Committee will be looking at the quality and care that has been put into the submission including such details as supportive documentation, testimonials, personal anecdotes, etc. from more than one person or organization.

Nomination forms must be submitted to the Communications Office by email (see below). 

Deadline for Nominations for the 2017-18 School Year

Information regarding the 2017-18 awards will be posted in Winter 2017-18.


Presentations for the 2017-18 Everyday Hero Awards will be made on May 29, 2018, at the E. L. Fox Auditorium, John F. Ross CVI, Meyer Drive, Guelph at 7:00 p.m. A reception will follow in the school’s cafeteria.

Selection Criteria

Up to 10 nominees will be chosen.

To provide a range of winners that are representative of the system as a whole, the Selection Committee will take into consideration:

  • Award Criteria
  • Quality of the submission including appropriate and supportive documentation
  • Representation from a variety of employee/partner groups
  • Geographic distribution across the system

Send nominations to

Heather Loney, Communications and Community Engagement Officer

Download the nomination form PDF icon

Download the criteria PDF icon

View the list of award recipients from previous years